Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trish and Dave's Save the Dates

You may remember Trish. I worked with her back when I did her business cards. Well, get used to seeing this lady, because she has a wedding coming up later this year and I've been working on several fun projects for it.

First up are her Save the Dates. Trish basically wanted something very simple over a super sweet picture of her and her fiancé. I think we accomplished this mission.

I LOVE the picture Trish ended up using. Trish is an avid lover of all things Detroit and so when it came time for the proposal, her fiancé planned to do it downtown at Hart Plaza. The picture we used is one that his friend snapped right as Dave was bringing out his guitar to sing a song to Trish before he proposed.

Fonts are (in the order they appear):

BD Hanover
CAC Champagne
Railway Thin
Novecento Wide

(I got a little crazy up in hurrrr with the fonts.)

I love that the save the date is simple so it doesn't take away from the picture.

Trisha used the loveliest color for her envelopes - Envelopment's persimmon, a nice coral-y color.

We are so not done with Trish and Dave yet. A shower invite, their wedding invite, and some wedding extras will all be showing up in the months to come. 

And please, go read the whole story behind Dave's proposal here on Trish's Kitty Haw Vintage blog and check out Kitty Haw Vintage here on Etsy.

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  1. we love the save the dates and have gotten so many compliments! thank you so much for the kitty haw shout out! :)