Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Colleen and Maxwell's Mint and Pink Gate Cards

Today I'm so excited to show you something I don't get to show very often - Envelopment's beautiful gate cards.  I'm an admirer of these gate cards, and Colleen and Max picked out one in mint, which makes it even better.

Here's what guests see when they pull these cards out of their envelopes.

And here's what they see when they open the card.

First, we have the invitation. I love that the invitation is backed with a dark green and gold, even though the rest of their colors are light. It adds a lot of depth to the invitation.

Colleen and Max wanted a formal feel to their invitations with a modern twist. We thought that the gate card took care of the modern twist, and the script fonts and beautiful papers showed off the formal side of their wedding.

Easily one of my favorite fonts of the year - Adios Script Pro - was used as the script font. Novencento  Wide was used for the block font.

The invitation came with two inserts - an RSVP card and a reception card.

Here are all three pieces together.

Loving these gate cards, loving the fonts, and loving that mint is still going strong as a color choice for weddings in 2014. :) 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kim and Christopher's Purple Chevron Pocket Cards

So....let's get started with this year's wedding invitations, shall we?

These particular invites. They are easily one of my favorites so far.

From the moment I met with Kim, I knew she had a similar style to me when she told me that she was loving chevron and wanted to use it in her invitations. Since I'm definitely still riding the chevron train as long as I can, I was on board with her vision.

Let's get to it. Kim and Christopher's invites. :) 

On the front, we used an ombré chevron pattern (you can't really see the ombré in these pictures, but I promise it's there). We used Estilo for the block font and Allura for the script font.

And since Kim picked out these super cute pocket cards, when you turn the invitation over, there's so much more to see.

Tucked into the back are the accommodations and RSVP cards.

The texture of these cards...amazing, right?

Not only did Kim put accommodations on the insert card, she wanted to include the wedding website and even a wedding party app that their family and friends could download.

And then there's the cute little RSVP.

Weddings 2014 are officially kicked off and I've already done several invitations that I'm excited to show you. Stay tuned. :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Christmas Cards 2013

{This card is now available at Vivian Elle's Etsy Shop. Click here to visit!}

I have to laugh because when I originally started writing this blog, it was intended to be shared on Christmas. I intended to do a lot of things during the Christmas season, which just did not happen (I'm sure you can relate).

But I did want to post quickly share our Christmas card this year, because I kind of loved them. So please enjoy the quick display of photos, with a couple of thoughts thrown in the mix. :)

We had a friend Kelli, from One Six Photo, come over to snap a few pictures of us. I loved the opportunity to have a few professional photos taken, for no good reason.

On the back, I wanted to have a little fun and let people know what we'd been up to this year.

Having our cat on there is kind of a joke...and kind of not. We're mildly obsessed with our cat, nbd.

If you didn't notice up top, this card is now for purchase in Vivian Elle's Etsy Shop. You can find the listing here.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Samantha's Baby Shower Invitations

I worked with Samantha back in 2012 on her wedding invitations. A few months ago, she came to me asking if I could design invites for another special occasion - her own baby shower. I was happy to oblige. 

If there was one thing I remembered about Samantha, it was that she had a very elegant style. Keeping with that, here's what we came up with.

Samantha gave me the wording she wanted to use and then let me go to work. I felt like the invitation needed to be fit for a little princess, so I brought in a formal brocade and then softened it up with a little pink. 

We used Adios Script Pro and Trajan fonts for the invitation.

One of the biggest joys in this business is getting to work with my brides a second time. So glad Samantha and I could reconnect on this project!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rachelle and Dan's Christmas/We're Having a Baby! Cards

I had the pleasure of being in on a BIG family secret this year. 

My cousin, Rachelle, emailed me a few months ago with some exciting news:  she was pregnant. But I couldn't tell anyone. None of her family knew, and since it was so close to Christmas, she wanted to wait and surprise them in person. 

But she was thinking ahead. After telling her family, she wanted to be able to spread the news to her family and friends with a pregnancy announcement - and that's where I came in. We started designing a card around a picture she had taken, and here's what we came up with.

If you didn't catch it, we put Baby Rosenblit in blue because she's having a boy. :)

After Rachelle told her immediate family, my family and hers (our dads are brothers) got together and Rachelle handed an announcements to all of us. It was so fun to watch my family read the announcement, even if it took my brother (whose wife wasn't there to help him out) a while to understand what it meant, and my mother forever to get her glasses so she could actually read it.

Rachelle is a kindergarden teacher (you can see her highly successful blog here, which has a TON of great resources for teachers) and she is very font savvy, so she picked out some that she liked. They are: KG Second Chances and Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded.

I thought the picture was such a great idea - a Pinterest idea, of course. :)

Rachelle and Dan had waited quite a while to be able to share this kind of news with everyone, so that made it all the more exciting.  I was so happy to be asked to help spread the news and I look forward to a reason to celebrate this year!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rebranding Fiscal Fitness Phoenix

It's a new year, and I can't think of anything more fitting for the first blog of 2014 than a complete rebranding of a business. 

Kelsa came to me late last year, asking if I could help her redesign her logo. Kelsa is the extremely successful owner of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix. She helps people learn how to budget and handle their finances.  

But Kelsa wasn't a huge fan of the current look of her business. She wanted to rebrand, and she decided 2013 was the year to do that. We decided to start with a new logo, but Kelsa had a whole list of other projects that would follow.

To start, I asked Kelsa what words reflect her business. Instead of giving me her opinion, she posed that question to her clients. This is what they said:

Life-changing, innovative, informative, mind-blowing, empowering, invaluable, satisfying, advantageous, profitable, worthwhile, focusing, excellent, top-notch, genuine, enlightening

So we got moving on her logo. Using those words as a guide, here's what we came up with.
Once we settled on the logo, we put together a cover photo for her Facebook page.

And we were just getting started...here's the suite of items we've come up with so far.

What you're seeing (from top left):

1. A handout to prospective clients detailing the different services that Fiscal Fitness Phoenix offers
2. A "First Week" card - giving clients five things to think about after their initial meeting
3. Business card - front
4. Back of the "First Week" card
5. Business card - back
6. Address label
7. A chart to help clients decide which Fiscal Fitness service is best for them
8. A "How Do We Take The Stress Out of Money?" infographic - front and back

Kelsa actually came up with the design of the pattern herself. She wanted it to resemble dollar signs, but not too much. The pattern was our happy medium and we carried it to many of the pieces we did.

Who doesn't love a good infographic?

Kelsa and I still have a few more projects coming in 2014, but for now we are both happy with what has been accomplished in 2013.  Kelsa is such a motivated and determined business owner and has completely inspired me in my own business. I am thrilled to work with her more in 2014.

If you live in the Phoenix area and would love some financial help, or you just would like to check out some of the awesome blog posts Fiscal Fitness Phoenix has put together, check out her website here.

Here's to all of the new beginnings in 2014. :)